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It is very difficult for anyone visiting Rio to resist the appeal of its 80 km of beaches. And Copacabana, with the beautiful sidewalk of Avenida Atlântica, made with Portuguese pavement styled white and black stones that show a beautiful mosaic in the shape of waves, is primarily responsible for this fascination.

Considered the most famous beach in the world, and affectionately nicknamed by the population of Princess of the Sea, its story is a mix of tradition, glamor and glory.

Limited by the most carioca of the streets, Avenida Atlantica, its sands are home to large events such as world championships of beach soccer, world volleyball championships, stage for shows that gathered up to 1 million people (as The Rolling Stones) and the planet's biggest New Year's eve with more than 3 million people.

There are actually two beaches: Copacabana and Leme, both occupying an extension of 4.15 km. Frequented both by day and night, the beach has kiosks, bike path, bike racks, lifeguard stations with showers and toilets, hotels, bars and restaurants. Besides having two military forts, one at each end, with panoramic views and open to visitors.

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